Zooh Corner Fundraiser

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue has a fundraiser organized by the talented Emily Elmer, where she is offering prints and t-shirts of her beautiful artwork for supporters. Show your support to receive a print or t-shirt! If you contribute, we’ll add your name to our list of supporters and sponsors!

Here’s a breakdown of what you receive with your contribution:

  • $5 – Facebook Shout-Out
    • a personalized shout-out on Zooh Corner’s Facebook page!
  • $10 – Original Zooh Corner Art Print
    • a high-quality 8×10 print signed by the artist!
  • $25 – Zooh Corner T-Shirt
    • a Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue t-shirt featuring the print!
  • $34 – Zooh T-Shirt & Print
    • both 8×10 print and t-shirt
  • $50 – Supporter’s Package
    • all above items, plus a personalized thank you note from the artist and your name featured as a supporter of Zooh Corner
  • $100 – Sponsor’s Package
    • all above items, plus a photo and biography of a Zooh Bunny whose life you helped save, and your name featured as a sponsor of Zooh Corner
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