Summer Heat Reminder

002Southern California will experience some hot weather this week.  Zooh Corner wants to remind you to keep your bunnies cool, as high temperatures can be very dangerous to their heath. The best situation is an indoor, air-conditioned home on days with temperature over 78 degrees.

Some additional tips:

  • Avoid housing your rabbit in direct sunlight, and ensure the area is well-ventilated
  • Never keep your rabbit in the garage
  • Use fans when possible to help with airflow
  • Place bottles or cartons of ice near your bunny
  • Stock up on ice bottles by storing spare water bottles in the freezer
  • Provide plenty of fresh, clean drinking water
  • If food gets wet (via misters, etc.) change immediately/daily to avoid life-threatening mold

While preventative measures generally keep bunny comfortable, sometimes a danger-situation still arises. If you notice that bunny is panting, drooling, or listless – immedate action is needed. Dampen ears with a mister or washcloth, put him next to a bottle of ice, and take him to the vet, ASAP. Extreme heat can cause the brain to swell (among other things) and bunny could very well die a very painful death.

For full article, see The Dangers of Summer.

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