Button Man

003Button Man was rescued in October of 2010 from a tiny wire bird cage where he had lived for five years.  He was crammed in with two other rabbits, and took some pretty bad injuries as a result.  He had many ongoing issues: hips, lungs, heart, kidney, eyes, and arthritis.  Zooh Corner rescued him, where lived as happy as a little 8-year-old bun like him can be considering his background.

Once crammed in a tiny space, he had half the Zooh Corner office to himself.  His ongoing issues took a turn for the worse, where GI issues were amounting.  At 4:30 AM on Sunday, May 4, 2014, we had to say goodbye.

We love you, Button Man. Daddy’s little office gnome. You were our little storybook bunny come to life—and after so many horrible years in a bird cage, it made our hearts happy to see you patrolling the office and loving your freedom!!

Daddy and I, and your best friend, Chocy, miss you and will love you forever.

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