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OMG Totes Adorable Supports Zooh Corner

Autumn Aasen, owner of OMG Totes Adorable, has organized an “OMG We Love Bunnies” fund, with Zooh Corner as the first recipient!  From the OMG Totes Adorable Etsy site: OMG Totes Adorable exists to help those people who give their

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Double Donor Time – $1000!

Double donor time!! An incredibly generous donor has agreed to match $1000 in donations! You read that right! For every dollor you donate, that dollar is matched. If we can all pull together and donate even $2 each, we only

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Shasta and Summit Need Foster or Adoption

Shasta and her sister, Summit, are a bonded pair of GORGEOUS bunnies and they need a home or a foster home ASAP! Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is located in San Gabriel CA and we need foster homes to help these

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Gap Drops Angora Wool

Last November, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a disturbing undercover video showing the cruelty behind the angora rabbit fur industry.  Soon after, several clothing manufacturers stopped making angora products, including H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lands’ End

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Scientific American Forum Against Animal Testing

A recent article in Scientific American’s SA Forum is against animal testing in cosmetics. Authors Paul A. Locke and Jim Moran argue that the safety testing of cosmetics on animals is not only morally wrong, but is an expensive, slow, and

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What’s for Dinner Seminar Videos

The videos from the latest Zooh Corner rabbit health seminar, “What’s for Dinner”, are now up on our YouTube channel!  Check them out! Thanks to Exotic Animal Care Center for hosting us, and many thanks to Dr. Stephanie Lamb for

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Satchmo Abscess Lanced Again

Will you help us help Satchmo? Satch recently lost his beloved Victoria, and now his abscess has returned—yet again, we have been fighting this since September of last year! A donation of any size makes a big difference—and perhaps you

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What’s for Dinner Lecture Hit the Spot

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the latest Zooh Corner rabbit health lecture.  We hope it satisfied your hunger for knowledge!  Here’s an album highlighting the events, which included the “What’s for Dinner” health lecture by Dr. Stephanie

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Education Seminar this Sunday

Hi. I am Miss Mustard and you can adopt my cute little self, and my husbun, if you are awesome enough! Come meet me and my husbun, Galbani, at the Education Seminar this Sunday!

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Zooh Corner Needs Fosters

So……who wants to foster LULA or DOUGLAS for us ( Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue )? We keep asking—all sorts of bunny choices—we just need safe homes to put them in, local enough to get to our vet for check-ups or

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