Victoria’s Health Declining

victoria-008This is Victoria, longtime Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Rabbit. Many of you know her and have seen her recent photos – the acupuncture and cold laser treatments?

Well, she is declining and needs to see the vet tomorrow. She is losing weight (despite dietary supplementation) and beginning to drink more water, and she is also having troubles with her hind end. I fear she may have kidney issues.

She is going to the vet tomorrow, 5/1/14, for a check-up and blood work, and likely radiographs.

We need some sponsors to help us with her estimated $350-plus bill. Any donation is a GOOD donation, and if you would like to sponsor the whole thing, we would be happy to send you a T-shirt (from our Cafe Press Shop) to say thank you!


♥ Thank you for your continued support ♥


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