Alabama Public Radio Supports MMC

IMG_6503The Alabama Public Radio recently featured a timely article advocating responsible rabbit adoptions.  During the Easter season, Zooh Corner and other rabbit rescues urge the public to think twice about purchasing a rabbit as an Easter gift.

The Make Mine Chocolate campaign strives to pass the message along that rabbits are not gifts to be enjoyed and tossed aside.  Instead of a living being, buy a chocolate bunny for your loved ones.

Rabbits are a 10+ year commitment who require a space in your home, safety proofing, grooming, special vet care, and most of all, affection. They are not good “starter” pets and are not a good choice for young children.

If you know anyone considering getting a bunny for Easter, please discourage them unless they are prepared to make them a member of their family and give them the proper care they need. The shelters and rescues will have their hands full in about 2 months with rejected, heartbroken bunnies who have been abandoned.

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