Picasso – Rescued Mar 22, 2014

rp_022-225x300.jpgPicasso is somewhere between 10-12 years old. He was once a much loved companion, but very sadly lost his human to cancer three years ago. He has spent his time since then neglected in a tiny dog carrier.   He was not given any space to move, nothing soft to lie on, and had to live in his own filth for months between eventual cleanings.

Many thanks to Kimberly Butler for rescuing him and helping him find his way to Zooh Corner, where he was cleaned and given much-needed grooming and medication.  Picasso will remain a much-loved and pampered Zooh Corner Sanctuary bunny for whatever time he has left.

He is underweight and has multiple sores on his hocks.  Recent vet examinations show he has arthritis and may be developing some heart issues. His eyes are both watery and crusted.  He was also not fixed, and at his age it would be too much of a risk to perform the surgery.

Picasso has shown dramatic improvements after spending only a few months with us.  He is slowly gaining strength in his movements, and is beginning to groom and clean himself properly.  He is slowly warming up to human affection, which must be a foreign concept to him after such chronic neglect.

After spending April with Zooh Corner fosters Reagan and Jeff, Picasso moved to his permanent Sanctuary Home with Kristin Woodbury.  Here, he will be in the company of Percival, Madison & Mighty Mouse (Zooh Corner Sanctuary) and Bartok (Zooh Alumnus).

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