Percival – Rescued Feb 15, 2014

027Percival was rescued from the East Valley Shelter. He is 8-10 years old, neutered, and had several medical issues that needed to be dealt with. Firstly, he was horribly matted and he had mange. The mange was uncomfortable, but it was fairly easy to take care of. He also had an ulcer on his right eye, an abscessed lower incisor, and his upper incisors are slightly off (we are hoping that will resolve with a few dental filings and good diet).

As you can see from the photos, he was in really rough shape. Once all the matts were shaved off you could see all the missing fur and inflamed skin, as well as how seriously underweight he was.

♥ Percival is a Zooh Corner Sanctuary Rabbit, which means he lives in a forever-home with his own family, and Zooh Corner remains responsible for his medical care and other needs. We have many Sanctuary Rabbits and are looking for more Sanctuary Homes. ♥

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