Mocha Mohawk – Rescued Oct 13, 2013

Happy Halloween, Mocha!

Imagine being in a tiny hutch in a garage where extreme temperatures and darkness were your only companions – aside from the pesticides, antifreeze, and other junk piled on and around your cage. Mocha Mohawk endured these horrific conditions for years, with only wire flooring to stand on, and no hay, no toys, no hidey box, no love or attention to keep him going. Yet somehow he survived.

Thanks to the compassionate action of a brave rescuer, Mocha was able to leave this hell and find safety at the Zooh. He was underweight, malnourished, and had trouble moving after so many years of confinement. We estimate that he is more than six years old. In a foster home, he gained strength and learned what it feels like to be free and to have nutritious food and lots of cuddling. Despite his past he is a sweet rabbit and accepting of human affection.  He has quickly learned the joys of a hay-filled litterbox!

Mocha was adopted during our Christmas 2013 event!

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