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rp_IMG_5016-300x225.jpgPets Helping Pets Campaign

Ahoy there, mateys! The Dread Pirate Wesley Wigglebottom, a rescued ‘meat” baby, pictured here with his brothers, Alvin, V.G.B. and Tonka, request a parlay.

Pets Helping Pets” is a simple challenge that will give out over $1000 worth of plunder to various nominated rescue groups. Arrrrrr!!!

The goal is to get more *new* signatures on the petition asking Whole Foods to stop selling rabbit meat and we need your support!

Every new person who signs the petition can list their favorite rabbit rescue. The rescue with the most new signers will receive over $300 worth of rabbit related treasure! That be a mighty good plunder!

Our goal is to reach 50k signatures over the next eight weeks! We can do this—together. For the bunnies!

Please check it out; it is super easy to do.

More details here! Please share to your Facebook walls and via email….to groups, on Twitter—anywhere you can! Share it often, and encourage your friends to share!

rp_IMG_5016-300x225.jpgSacramento “Meat” Rabbits Arrive at Zooh Corner

On January 16th, 2015, our four babies from the Sacramento “Meat” Rabbit Rescue arrived. We are overjoyed… and heartbroken when we look at their injured and missing toes, knowing the suffering they have been through in their short time on earth. They are just babies! (Many thanks to Lisa Rockwell and her mum from being their taxi service!)

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014, nineteen baby “meat ” rabbits were saved from neglect and death at the hands of a meat rabbit breeder in Sacramento. These poor, terrified, injured babies, taken away from their mama too soon, were being sold as food (for snakes or humans, breeder didn’t care). Due to the inhumane, filthy, dangerous conditions that these rabbits were kept in all of them were injured and requiring medical care. A dog had been terrorizing them from beneath their wire cage and all are all missing toes or parts of toes.

001Our love and thanks to their rescuer, Janet Foster and Second Chance Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, for rescuing and caring for these poor babies! Without her they would have surely suffered more. . .and died. ♥

♥ We at Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue are looking forward to loving our boys, and to giving them the freedom to be bunnies, and the kindness and the care they so desperately need and deserve. ♥

Please consider donating to help us care for them. On top of whatever medical needs they will have (due to their extensive injuries), each bun needs to be neutered ASAP so that they will not get hormonal and need to be separated. Please help with neuters ASAP. These babies have been through enough and they need each other. Bunnies bond closely and they do not need to deal with being separated.


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Education Seminars 2015 (PDF Flier)  

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Presents Free Rabbit Care Seminars 2015 at Exotic Animal Care Center – 2121 East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107.

Hosted by Dr. Sari Kanfer of Exotic Animal Care Center and Cat Logsdon, founder of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, this upcoming seminar series picks up where the 2014 seminar series ended, with more in-depth information about caring for elderly and disabled rabbits, bonding, emergency care, and at-home treatment.

All seminars will offer $25 Healthy Pet exams for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small mammals.  That’s a savings of over $45, and thanks to the generosity of Dr. Kanfer, all proceeds benefit Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue.  All rabbits must come in carriers!  Exam slots are limited.  Animals who are ill need to be seen during business hours (unless arrangements made prior).  Emergencies will be referred to approved exotics veterinarians.  Contact Exotic Animal Care Center for all of your exotic pet’s medical needs – 626-405-1777.

The Zooh Store will be on hand with fresh hays, toys, supplies, and goodies for sale.  Spa-style grooming will be available at most events.  Also, ask about adoptions and bunny dates.

Please see our flyer for more details!

rp_038.jpgChocy Memorial Fund

We have started a memorial gofundme campaign raising funds in memory of Count “Chocy” Chocula, a Zooh Corner Sanctuary rabbit that has touch the hearts of many.  These funds will go toward our other rescues and sanctuary bunnies.

Chocy was 10-11 years old when he was dumped at a shelter and left to die. But we saw that darling face and our hearts were his. He was so ill! Covered in urine scald, infections in both eyes, one kidney mineralized and not functioning, the other not much better. . .and arthritis along his entire spine and hips. And did I mention the hock sores? The little guy was an adorable, skinny wreck of a bunny—but man-o-man did his personality shine through from the very beginning! Just LOOK at that little face!

See all news and events…

Rabbit News Around the World

Help Stop Whole Foods From Selling Rabbit Meat

Whole Foods started selling rabbit meat in the summer of 2014.  Besides our obvious concern that they are using the very animals we love and support as a commodity – Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the USA – there have been numerous reports on the cruel and inhumane handling of the rabbits throughout the farming process.

We have opposed their decision to introduce rabbit meat in their stores since last summer, where we have joined ranks with other organizations to spread word.  Their refusal to respond to customer concerns have alienated the rabbit lover community.

Despite this, they continue to uphold their decision, and demonstrate nothing but hypocrisy with their “values matter” campaign.  By contrast, stores like Sprouts have proven their desire to listen to their customers.

Ways you can help:

Friends Helping Friends

Bunnies who need a helping paw.

Would you like to have your story featured here?  Contact us!

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